Women’s Ceramic Mickey Mouse Watch

For every women who still considers herself a little princess or maybe wants to feel again like one, the ceramics Mickey Mouse watch is great solution. We all loved Mickey and grew up with his adventures, so it is perfect to infiltrate him in our, today, adult way of life.

Ceramics Mickey Mouse watch is elegant and classy. The watch is all in white color, with some crystals on the watch. On the watch, you can see only Mickey’s face which is peaking from the bottom. The crystals are around the watch and in the Mickey Mouse’s ears, but nothing too trashy or too much. Under the number 12, there is a Disney logo which shows you that this is a Disney’s product. The time on this watch is showed with the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 and the other hours are marked with crystals between these numbers. The case back is made of stainless steel and the great quality of this watch is guaranteed in two-year limited warranty.


The bracelet is made of ceramics and it is adjustable to every wrist. The  Mickey Mouse watch is really simple and you must look twice to see the Mickey on it, which makes it more interesting. The box for the watch is also very beautiful, it is black small with grey Disney logo and decoration around it. This watch is from Disney store and it is 75$, a perfect present for someone who almost forgot how to be a kid.

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