The first Mickey Mouse Watch

The first Mickey Mouse watch was created in 1933 by Herman ‘Key’ Kamen in association  with Ingersoll partnership. It was during the Great Depression, when it was important to have something that will make people happier and more satisfied. The first watch was sold at the Chicago World Fair on June 1933 for 3.75 $. The crowd was overwhelmed and that watch was very popular item, millions were sold.

The first Ingersoll serie of Mickey Mouse watch was in 1933. – 1937. These  watches had 30 mm diameter. The watch had a bracelet with Mickey’s character on te bracelet in the ‘art deco’ style. On the watch, there was a whole Mickey Mouse (afterwards it was only his head or upper part) with his famous smile on his face. On this watch Mickey tells time by moving his hands in circle and pointing at the number the correct time. On the right side of the watch,  it is written Mickey Mouse Ingersoll, which shows us the manufacturer, Ingersoll.


The first Mickey Mouse watch came in a red box, which had his character in the white circle on the right side and the writing ”Ingersoll, Mickey Mouse wrist watch” on the left side. When you open the box, the same drawing and writing is inside of the cover box. The whole box is made of cardboard and it is all in red color. With the watch, there was a guarantee,  where the manufacturer wrote some instruction how to take care of that watch.

Mickey Mouse on that watch had his recognizable red shorts, yellow shoes and yellow gloves, which are today white color. In Chicago Fair there was also a  strap version,a watch with a  leather strap on and that is how the history was made. Today, there are some tribute watches that are identical to the first watch which you can buy and feel like you have a part of history on your hand.

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