Sliver Men’s Mickey Mouse Watch

Mickey Mouse is a character used by many companies to make their products more interesting for the customers. Even the watch company Ewatchfactory took the most famous character in the world and put it in their watch. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business man, skater, punker or joker, at some point of your life, you wanted a Mickey Mouse watch.

This sliver classy watch has it all. It looks serious for business man and it has Mickey Mouse on it. The Mickey Mouse watch from Ewatchfactory has 33 millimeters in diameter and it is made all of metal. Due to the business side of every adult it is silver color with Mickey Mouse on the face of the watch. The numbers on the watch are from 1 to 12 for hours, and there are little sliver lines for minutes. Mickey on this watch doesn’t tell time with his hands, it has one hand in the air. On this watch Mickey has his famous red shorts and white gloves, but he is outlined with silver to contribute the elegance. The background in this watch is rather interesting, it has sliver shades of sliver which makes it shimmer.


The Mickey Mouse watch has metal bracelet which is very simple and adjustable to different wrist sizes. It is water-resistant to 33 feet and it’s price is 32$. You can buy it on the internet sites like Amazona, Ebay or maybe in the store near you.

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