Black Mickey Mouse Watch

Are there better way to tell time than to tell it with some cartoon character on the watch? When someone asks you what time it is, you’ll look at your watch and see a smiling face on it showing you the time which will make you feel a little better. There isn’t anything childish in having a Mickey Mouse watch and that is something everybody around you will say.

One of the most popular watches with a Mickey Mouse character today is definitely black leather Mickey Mouse watch. It looks like the first Mickey Mouse watch, because the Mickey Mouse is  on the watch and he is pointing the right time with his hands. The main difference, despite that it is a modernized character, is in Mickey’s gloves, which are white and not yellow. The surface with the Mickey Mouse character is white with numbers from 1 to 12  for showing time.


The bracelet for the watch is made of black leather and it has white details, a white thread on the edges. The design of the watch is very simple and it fits in every style and appearance. This watch can be a perfect present for someone who loves Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t matter if it is a man or woman, the watch fits everyone. You can buy it on an internet site named for 70$.

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