Mickey Mouse Watch

Most famous mouse in the world, Mickey Mouse, is the biggest character in the cartoon and movie history. There is no kid or adult on the world who hasn’t heard about the famous Mickey Mouse.  Today, you can see him everywhere, you can buy a T-shit with Mickey Mouse or even a Mickey Mouse watches and many more.

Through the years, Mickey has become a brand. He has appeared for the first time in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios. At the begging he was a black and white mouse who act like human in his cartoons, but when the cartoons started to use color,  you could recognize it by its red shorts, large yellow shoes and irreplaceable white gloves. His fist official appearance was 1928 in the Steamboat Willie, one of the first sound cartoons, and from then Mickey starred in numerous cartoons, comic books and movies. He often appears with his girlfriend Minnie, dog Pluto and friends Goofy, Donald Duck and Hoorace Horsecollar.  Always with a smile on his face and cheerful personality, Mickey is a one of the most favorite character in the word.

Mickey MouseThere is a theme park named Disneyland where you can see Mickey Mouse and all his friends in Anaheim, California. It has all characters and places from Walt Disney production company in one place since 1955.

One of the most favorite cartoon character in the world from its beginning is definitely Mickey Mouse. Is it because of his dashing personality, great adventures or smile on his face? Well, we can’t tell, maybe it is due to the whole package, but there is something about this mouse that makes everyone crazy about him. Adults and children, no matter the age, everyone wants to have something with his character around them. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular person, or some movie star, model or singer, you have something with Mickey Mouse at home. Aren’t we right?

Today, there are different items with Mickey Mouse on it, and it has great value to that one person who has it. You can really say that this character is everywhere, on our walls like posters or even wallpapers,  part of our clothes, like T-shirts or pants, and even on our watches, telling us the time. The most common usage of Mickey Mouse character is on watches, is it on wrist watch, wall clock or even alarm clock it doesn’t matter. Everyone once had or wished to have that kind of watch. It was the perfect present when we were children and it is the perfect accesoire now when we are adults.  No matter where you are, you just can’t resits smiling when you see Mickey Mouse  and his friends somewhere near you.

The First Mickey Mouse Watch

ThefirstmickeymousewatchThe first Mickey Mouse watch was made in early 1933 by Herman ‘Key’ Kamen and Ingersoll.  The watch was showed in Chicago World Fair on June 1933 and it was sold for 3.75$. The watch has Mickey Mouse in the middle and his hands are moving in circle to tell the time. Read more

Black Mickey Mouse Watch

BlackMickeyMousewatch-300x150Black Mickey Mouse watch is simple wrist watch made for both, men and women. It has Mickey on the face of the watch and his hands are telling the time. It has leather strap with white thread on the both sides of the strap. Read more

Ceramics Mickey Mouse Watch

Ceramicswomen’sMickeyMousewatchCeramics Mickey Mouse watch is a great gift for women who like Mickey Mouse. It is white with crystals and Mickey’s head. At first glaze, you can’t see Mickey which makes this watch even more interesting. Read more

Sliver Mickey Mouse Watch

SliverMickeyMousewatchSliver Mickey Mouse watch is great for men who are still feeling young and love Mickey Mouse. This watch is made of metal and it has standard metal bracelet, but what makes it different is Mickey Mouse on the face of the watch. Read more

Mickey Mouse Time Teacher Watch

MickeyMouseTimeTellerwatchThe best way to learn to tell time is with some interesing watch like it it Mickey Mouse watch. In this watch Mickey’s hands are telling the time and on every hand it is written which one is for minutes and which one is for hours, for easier remembering the difference. Read more